Hands on Courses

1) LASER surgery for voice

The candidates will have hands-on experience on CO2 LASER with micromanipulator fitted to an operating microscope. Participants can sharpen their skill of endolaryngeal surgery with the latest accublade Laser technology on sheep larynx.


Stroboscopy has emerged to be an indispensible diagnostic tool in Laryngology. Candidates will get the opportunity to practice Stroboscopy in real patients under the supervision of experts of national and international repute.

3) Laryngeal Framework Surgery

Framework surgery will be demonstrated on cadaver larynx by renouned faculties. Candidates will then have the opportunity to practice the Intricacies of various types of thyroplasties on cadaver.

4) Bronchoscopy

Candidates will practice diagnostic and therapeutic Bronchoscopy (rigid & flexible) along with foreign body removal on mannequin.

5) Swallowing

FEES (Functional Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing) is an indispensable tool for assessing swallowing disorders. In this workshop the participants will learn the procedure of FEES, with its diagnostic and therapeutic role , demonstrated by eminent national and international faculties. They will also be able to watch VFS (Videofluoroscopy).

6) Voice Therapy For ENT Surgeons

ENT Surgeons often do not have easy access to an expert Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) dedicated to voice therapy. In this workshop ENT Surgeons will get an orientation and hands on experience of delivering voice therapy to dysphonic patients, guided by experienced laryngologists and SLPs. Management of professional voice users will also be addressed.

7) Airway Surgery (Endolaryngeal LASER & External procedures)

In the first half the candidates will familiarise themselves to endolaryngeal and endotracheal use of LASER on goat larynx. Afterwards International Faculty will demonstrate external surgery for laryngotracheal stenosis on cadaver larynx. The candidates will also get an opportunity to practice one of these procedures in cadaver larynx themselves.

8) Injection Laryngoplasty

The candidates will perform injection procedures for spasmodic dysphonia and vocal fold augmentation through external approach on human calarynxlarynx.

9) Workshop for SLPs

The field of voice therapy has undergone a distinct paradigm shift in clinical practice especially in the last decade. This evolution is mainly due to deeper understanding of normal voice physiology as well as multidisciplinary input in management of different voice disorders. In this process of evolution it has gathered knowhow from various fields like medicine, physiology, physical therapy, psychology and vocology. This workshop focuses on the current clinical practices followed internationally along with the theoretical basis of these practices / protocols. This workshop will have inputs from clinicians and researchers from various backgrounds of contributing fields.

10) Percutaneous Tracheostomy

The candidates have the opportunity to learn the technique of percutaneous tracheostomy on mannequins supervised by our esteemed faculty.

11) Kashima's Surgery(After Noon Session)

This workshop will enable the candidates to practise posterior cordotomy or Kashima’s operation with coblation on human cadaver larynx. The candidates will also be shown various types of arytenoidectomies by invited faculty.

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